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The European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) is a global network of open innovation ecosystems (Living Labs) that places people at the centre of product and service development and innovation. The network and its members provide innovation services for small and medium-sized international companies, the public sector, organisations and citizens. ENoLL promotes the development of business and industry and the creation of tax revenue and jobs.

The ENoLL international non-profit association, as the legal representative entity of the network, was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Brussels. ENoLL supports the evolution and the uptake of the Living Lab paradigm throughout Europe and worldwide, contributes to the creation of a dynamic, multi-layer and multidimensional European Innovation Ecosystem, and facilitates the cooperation and the exploitation of synergies between its members and external stakeholders.

ENoLL has recognised nearly 400 living labs from around the world maintained by municipalities, universities, regions and companies acting also as the development and piloting partners. Of these, 170 make up the core for piloting European industry and innovation policy and are involved in in-depth cooperation with regions and the European Commission's Directorates General.

The ENoLL network aims at creating pan-European experiments and prototypes for new markets, based on the Digital Single Market. It is an open engagement platform where new business models can be co-design, experimented with and developed all based on a quadruple helix approach, creating safety nets for experiments and prototypes with new roles of the public sector as enabler and catalyser. ENoLL can combine European vertical specialisation domains (health, smart cities, creativity, education etc.) with horizontal and territorial specialisation.

UNaLab Team Members

Meet the UNaLab Team Members from ENoLL

Spela Zalokar

Spela Zalokar
Work Package 2 - Living Lab and Co-Creation: Models and Tools
Ines Vaittinen

Ines Vaittinen
Work Package 2 - Living Lab and Co-Creation: Models and Tools

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Co-creating Smart Nature-based Spaces – NBS Workshop at the Nordic Edge Expo

The UNaLab project organised a nature-based solutions workshop at the Nordic Edge Expo & Conference in Stavanger, Norway, with the title ‘Co-creating Smart Nature-based Liveable Spaces – Necessary Solutions for Real Life Challenges’. The aim of the workshop was to explore urban challenges that our European cities are tackling and to co-create potential solutions to these challenges.

Call for Challenges Still Open for the NBS Workshop at the Nordic Edge Expo

The UNaLab project will through its partners ERRIN and ENoLL, together with ERRIN's Smart Citites Working Group members Eindhoven, Stavanger and Cities Northern Netherlands, organise a nature-based solutions workshop during the Nordic Edge Expo on 26th September in Stavanger, Norway.

Co-creation Workshops in Genova

The Municipality of Genova organised three co-creation workshops that took place between March and April 2018. With the European Awareness Scenario Workshop methodology, citizens, representatives of local associations, urban planners, geology experts and the staff working for the Municipality of Genova, came together to create a vision, propose their ideas, and discuss their implementation. Results that arose from the co-creation activity were evaluated by designers and the municipality to ensure their technical and economic feasibility.  

New Year, New Urban Living Lab Trainings in Cities

In 2018, the first Urban Living Lab training sessions kicked off in UNaLab front-runner cities Eindhoven, Genova and Tampere. The Urban Living Lab training continued at the OpenLivingLab Days, an event entirely dedicated to Living Labs. In 2019, front-runner cities will continue with Urban Living Lab training sessions to make sure UNaLab cities develop sustainable and well-functioning Living Labs through which citizens can be included in decision-making processes and look to the future with optimism and trust in their local authority.  

Learning about Co-creation Tools with a Game

In the last week of November, UNaLab project partners met to exchange ideas, report on the progress made and define the next steps. The meeting took place in Basaksehir Living Lab in Istanbul, where we had the opportunity to see work of the Living Lab - such as a mobile health station and a smart house. We also had the opportunity to play an interactive game where you discovered different stakeholder roles and Living Lab functions.

Nature-based Solutions Workshop at the Nordic Edge

The ENoLL team was at the Nordic Edge Expo & Conferance running a workshop within the scope of the UNaLab project titled Co-creating Smart Nature-based Liveable Spaces – Necessary Solutions for Real Life Challenges. The workshop, which was held on 26th September, was co-organised with ERRIN and its Smart Cities Working Group members Eindhoven, Stavanger Region EU Office and Cities Northern Netherlands.

The Game of Nature-based Solutions in Eindhoven

At the ENoLL OpenLivingLab Days, which took place in Geneva in August 2018, the Municipality of Eindhoven hosted a co-creation workshop on the application of nature-based solutions, using the inner city of Eindhoven as their testing ground. The objective of the workshop was to share our knowledge on the implementation of NBS and to let participants experiment with NBS.

Join Our Workshop and Solve Real-life Climate Challenges!

Are you interested in exploring and developing potential solutions to the climate challenges that European cities are facing today, such as pollution, heat stress and flooding? If that is the case, the UNaLab project is organising a workshop on nature-based solutions that might be something for you!

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Urban Living Lab Playground: The Co-Creation Game

This is an interactive game session, in which players will co-create a story line to fight against a climate-related challenge affecting today's cities. The session is part of the European Week of Regions and Cities and will take place on 9 October in Brussels, Belgium.

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Living Labbers Webinar #5: Living Labs as a Service

The fifth Living Labbers webinar, taking place on 10 October, will focus on living labs as a service. imec.livinglabs will share their insights on how to support business innovation through assumption-based testing.

The UNaLab Toolkit

In UNaLab, a wide range of co-creation tools and methods have been used across the different urban demonstration areas to explore, design, implement and evaluate the nature-based solutions that will help the UNaLab cities tackle their specific climate and water related challenges. All of these tools and methods will now be gathered in an online Toolkit!

The Urban Living Lab Playground Game

The second prototype of the Urban Living Lab Playground Game was tested at two events over the summer period: The Nature of Cities Summit and the OpenLivingLab Days.

ULL Training at the Learning Lab Day

The Urban Living Lab training, hosted in connection to the OpenLivingLab Days conference, offered the UNaLab cities the opportunity to follow a full-day training on Living Lab methodologies. The UNaLab sessions at the training focused specifically on “getting started” and “ideation and design” of Urban Living Labs: where to start, what are the pitfalls to avoid along the way, and experiences from Living Labs from the ENoLL network on how to ideate and design with your stakeholders.

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Science Is Wonderful Exhibition

On 25 and 26 September, Science is Wonderful! will display Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions and other EU-funded research and innovation projects in Tour & Taxis. The event is organised with the first edition of the EU Research and Innovation Days.

Playing Our Way to a Greener City

In September, the UNaLab project took part in the Science Is Wonderful exhibition, which was organised as part of the EU Research & Innovation Days. The aim was on the one hand to present the UNaLab project to the visitors, and on the other hand to introduce them to nature-based solutions (NBS) and the benefits that they can bring to cities.

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Living Labbers Webinar #6: Basaksehir Living Lab

The sixth Living Labbers Webinar will take place on Thursday 12th December 2019 between 11-12 CET. This time, Basaksehir Living Lab in Turkey will present their activities.

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Living Labbers Webinar #7: Espaitec Living Lab

The seventh Living Labbers Webinar will take place on 30th January between 11-12 CET. This time, Espaitec Living Lab in Spain will present their activities.

Living Labbers webinar series

The Living Labbers webinar series has been running since spring 2019 and will continue to run throughout 2020. This webinar series presents the urban living lab framework by highlighting experiences from living labs around the globe as well as from the UNaLab cities.

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Living Labbers Webinar #8: UNaLab NBS in the City of Tampere

The eighth Living Labbers Webinar will take place on 26th March between 11-12 CET. This time, UNaLab front-runner city Tampere will present the nature-based solutions for stormwater management in the city.

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Living Labbers Webinar #9: UNaLab NBS in the City of Eindhoven

The ninth Living Labbers Webinar will take place on 23rd April between 11-12 CET. This time, UNaLab front-runner city Eindhoven will present the nature-based solutions and living labs in the city.

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Digital Living Lab Days 2020

The very first DLLD – Digital Living Lab Days will take place from 2 to 4 September 2020.

The call for papers is open for the DLLD 2020

The call for submissions for the very first Digital Living Lab Days is open. The deadline for submissions is 10 June. Accepted contributions will be presented at the Digital Living Lab Days in the first week of September 2020.

Urban Living Lab handbook

With this Living Lab Handbook, you can learn how to develop an Urban Living Lab, based on the lessons learned, research and practical experience from the UNaLab project.

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UNaLab Workshop: How to Successfully Adopt Urban Living Labs

The UNaLab project is as part of The Nature of Cities Festival organising an interactive workshop on the successful adoption of Urban Living Labs, taking place on 23 February at 16:15 CET.

How to successfully adopt Urban Living Labs?

UNaLab hosted a session on how to successfully adopt Urban Living Labs at the Nature of Cities Festival. The session explored the factors enabling the adoption of Urban Living Labs and the project saw 22 enthusiastic participants join the workshop to further discuss and evaluate these enablers.

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Digital Living Lab Days

Between 6-10 September, the European Network of Living Labs is organising the annual gathering of the wider Living Lab Community – the Digital Living Lab Days.

Handbook on implementation and adoption barriers of Urban Living Labs developing nature-based solutions

This handbook aims to identify and explore some common barriers, and provide cities with an understanding and a tool that can be used to strategically address barriers to the adoption of Urban Living Labs.

Barriers to the Adoption of Urban Living Labs for NBS Implementation: A Systemic Perspective

Authored by Shahryar Sarabi, Qi Han, A. Georges L. Romme, Bauke de Vries, Rianne Valkenburg, Elke den Ouden, Spela Zalokar & Laura Wendling. Published in Sustainability in November 2021.

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