Living Labbers webinar
Wed, 29/01/2020

Living Labbers webinar series

The Living Labbers webinar series has been running since spring 2019 and will continue to run throughout 2020. This webinar series presents the urban living lab framework by highlighting experiences from living labs around the globe as well as from the UNaLab cities. From living labs for public administration to air pollution, from Belgium to Turkey, the first six episodes in the series have presented a myriad of living lab models, each with their special set of innovations, experiences of engaging citizens, and business and governance models. UNaLab follower city Basaksehir presented their living lab in Turkey in December, and the next episode welcomes espaitec living lab to present the experiences of UNaLab follower city Castellon de la Plana.

Throughout this spring, the UNaLab front-runner cities Tampere, Eindhoven and Genova will present their experiences of implementing nature-based solutions through living lab methodologies in their cities.

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