Resources to advance your knowledge on NBS in urban planning


Explore resources and material that can help further your knowledge on nature-based solutions (NBS), what role co-creation and urban living labs play in their development, and how cities and municipalities can support successful development and uptake of them. These resources focus on getting to know NBS and their general role, as well as city-level strategic planning principles and instruments.

summary of key resources for creating a supportive environment for NBS on city level can be downloaded here.

Putting it into practice: resources to advance a specific NBS project


Adaptive management is an iterative process for managing the whole lifecycle of a nature-based solutions project. The process of co-creating, implementing, monitoring and co-managing NBS is cyclical, thus requiring continuous evaluation and feedback at every stage in the process and identifying needed adjustments for reaching the targets and objectives. The adaptive management cycle, or the PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT cycle, aims to learn from the past actions to improve or adjust next steps and future planning of similar projects. The UNaLab project's resources, ranging from best practices and lessons learnt to tools and handbooks, have been placed in the adaptive management cycle in order to highlight in which phase of the NBS implementation process the different resources could be used.

The Adaptive Management Cycle

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