Living Labbers Webinar #5
Sat, 21/01/2023

Living Labbers Webinar #5: Living Labs as a Service

  • Sat, 21/01/2023

The Living Labbers webinar series of the European Network of Living Labs showcases the variety of Living Labs across the globe. Realised in collaboration with the iSCAPE and UNaLab projects, the webinars are structured around the Urban Living Lab framework: providing insight into various aspects of Living Labs' contexts, innovations, governance & financing models, and even some personal views on their way of working and the people involved.

Next up in the series we present to you imec Living Lab presented by Dimitri Schuurman.

imec.livinglabs (previously iminds iLab.o ) is a test and experimentation platform in Flanders, Belgium, that performs Living Lab research for achieving business and policy goals based on real-life testing and stakeholder co-creation and co-design. It offers innovators a test user panel of over 16,000 'mee-makers', a dedicated Living Lab back office platform, business model expertise and application prototyping experts.

In this webinar, Dimitri talks about Living Labs as a service, sharing his insights on how to support business innovation through assumption-based testing.

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