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Wed, 18/09/2019

ULL Training at the Learning Lab Day

The Urban Living Lab (ULL) training, hosted in connection to the OpenLivingLab Days conference, offered the UNaLab cities the opportunity to follow a full-day training on Living Lab methodologies. The UNaLab sessions at the training focused specifically on “getting started” and “ideation and design” of Urban Living Labs: where to start, what are the pitfalls to avoid along the way, and experiences from Living Labs from the ENoLL network on how to ideate and design with your stakeholders.

The UNaLab session also hosted a mini workshop on the importance of community in Living Labs. Although many methodologies focus on the role of the end-user or citizens in the innovation process, this mini workshop aimed to highlight the importance of the community as a whole. For this, the “minimum viable community” canvas was utilised.

In this hands-on exercise, participants had the opportunity to utilise the canvas in exploring their own communities and discussing experiences on what their minimum viable communities look like with each other.

Did you miss the Learning Lab training this year? Don’t worry, the event is held annually and you can join us in Gent for the training in 2020! In the meanwhile, we will continue to spread the knowledge digitally via our recurring webinars, toolkits and more.

Join us for the next edition of the Learning Lab Day in Gent in 2020!

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