Urban Living Lab Playground: The Co-Creation Game
Wed, 30/08/2023

Urban Living Lab Playground: The Co-Creation Game

  • Wed, 30/08/2023

This is an interactive game through which players will co-create a story line to fight against a climate-related challenge affecting our cities today. By playing the part of a group of urban stakeholders - a pregnant woman, a local business owner, or the mayor of a city, and the different Urban Living Lab personnel - players will have to make use of a wide range of co-creation tools to bring the city together and address this challenge through collaboration with the citizens.

Ultimately, participants will learn how an ULL functions and how it can bring in city stakeholders together to fight a given climate challenge. The gamified approach aids creative thinking and helps challenge solvers to look at the problem from a different perspective / with a fresh set of eyes. By bringing together a diverse mix of participants, the game helps to break down barriers of communication through a storytelling approach.

By playing the game the participants learn:

1. What is an ULL and how does it function in a simulated real-life environment;

2. How can a city employ an ULL to connect with the quadruple helix stakeholders, including citizens;

3. Wide range of co-creation tools and methods that can be used to work together with the citizens;

4. How does co-creation work when addressing complex urban challenges and developing NBS and PCS;

5. How can the gamified approach facilitate shared understanding and storytelling.

This session is part of the European Week of Regions and Cities. Learn more about this session here.