Wed, 18/09/2019

The UNaLab Toolkit

In UNaLab, a wide range of co-creation tools and methods have been used across the different urban demonstration areas to explore, design, implement and evaluate the nature-based solutions (NBS) that will help the UNaLab cities tackle their specific climate and water related challenges.

The UNaLab Toolkit collects all the instruments used throughout the UNaLab project in a user-friendly and widely applicable format for the co-creation, experimentation and demonstration of innovative solutions in a real-life urban environment together with the engagement of citizens and all relevant stakeholder groups in your city. The Toolkit will guide your city to become an Urban Living Lab and to engage with citizens and all relevant urban stakeholder groups to implement your own co-created NBS. You will have access to a diverse typology of co-creation tools such as games, canvases, templates, workshop methodologies, and ICT tools.

A set of Living Lab stories coming from the Living Lab partners in UNaLab will be available to complement and guide your Living Lab journey with real-life experiences.

The UNaLab Toolkit is currently under development and will be released online at the end of November 2019 on the ENoLL website. Stay tuned and don’t miss it!