Adjusting a nature-based solutions project


The ACT/ADJUST phase is about continuously improving and reviewing. During the ACT/ADJUST phase, the impacts of nature-based solutions interventions are quantified against the baseline and the initial objectives. This phase contributes to roadmapping, replication and upscaling activities, and identifying necessary measures to act upon the outcomes.

summary of all key resources for the ACT/ADJUST phase can be downloaded here.

Relevant tools for this phase

UNalab summary of lessons learned from NBS implementation

During the UNaLab project, good practices, lessons learned and information about realised and potential barriers to the adoption of nature-based solutions (NBS) have been collected. This document presents some of the lessons learned and good practises concerning the NBS implementation and the NBS monitoring and impact assessment in the three UNaLab front-runner cities Eindhoven, Tampere and Genova. Additionally, it gives pointers to other UNaLab documentation, where the reader can find more information.

Wetland, Tampere