Implementing a nature-based solutions project


This phase is about applying countermeasures. Based on the challenges identified during the PLAN phase, a set of representative key performance indicators are adopted in the DO phase to track the progress towards the goals. During this phase, nature-based solutions are implemented and the monitoring strategy is defined.

A summary of all key resources for the DO phase can be downloaded here.

Relevant knowledge resources for this phase

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UNaLab city stories

NBS demonstrations in the UNaLab front-runner cities

The three UNaLab front-runner cities Tampere (FI), Eindhoven (NL) and Genova (IT) are all facing a number of climate- and water-related challenges linked to the impacts of climate change and rapid urbanisation. Identified challenges range from flooding and heat stress to pollution, lack of accessible green spaces and biodiversity loss. All three cities have established Urban Living Lab demonstration areas for the experimentation, demonstration and evaluation of a variety of different nature-based solutions that address local urban challenges, while collecting evidence for their environmental, social and economic benefits.

Vestdijk, Eindhoven