The NBS roadmapping process involved a four step approach, as outlined below.  All steps are connected, but each has a distinct method, materials and outcomes. The overall approach is characterised by four main elements:

1) Backwards planning – the project starts with the development of a shared vision as a starting point for the creation of a well developed path to achieve the vision.

2) Inclusive workshops in the cities – a cooperative process to engage key stakeholders (companies, citizens, public and private organisations and knowledge institutes) within the region in co-creating a clear and well-designed implementation plan with a stronger commitment to the joint effort in the realisation phase.

3) Expert knowledge is sourced in a practical and usable form during the vision development and roadmapping processes.

4) A visual language is used to easily connect people and share insights.

The Roadmapping Process

From Vision to Roadmap - The process explained

In the UNaLab Consortium Webinar Series our researchers and cities gave insights into the roadmapping process and some of the results. Click below to watch the recording.

Participant Voices

In the course of the UNaLab project, more than 115 people from 5 cities across Europe have participated in the roadmapping process, mainly representing municipal staff.

In terms of usefulness, the roadmapping process received a rating of 4,6 (0 = not effective, 5 = very effective).


"I think we`ve achieved a new opportunity to develop the urban  agendas for the city."

"I think we produced a great step forward in establishing NBS as a common approach in the governance system of our city."

"The discussions leading up to the projects were as important as the final projects themselves, because it allowed for an open exchange of ideas and challenges across different backgrounds."

"It´s important to memorize the potential of the event, especially out of the resource mobilization"

"There was a detailed debate on a specific complex topic. Plenty of time and a detailed structure: a great method!"

"I am very happy to have observed very concrete action in this offer."

"One of the best workshops I have ever been too!"




Roadmapping experience