From status quo to the desired vision

The aim of the 2-day Roadmap Workshops is to develop city roadmaps for NBS towards climate and water resilience and a coherent project portfolio. To come to relevant projects for each city, we work on specific challenges in each city. Based on the desired future scenario for 2050 and the results of the system analysis, NBS and Governance interventions are defined as a starting point the workshops. The workshop participants identify projects to address these intervention challenges and place them on a timeline, together with a set of clear milestones towards the desired future scenario. 

To support the local stakeholders in project development different sets of inspiration cards were developed to show the range of possibilities of

a) different nature-based solutions

b) their benefits, values and beneficiaries

c) alternative financing options

d) supporting governance actions on city level

e) different co-creation tools to be used in the process

The inspiration cards were translated and are available in English, French, Spanish, Czech and Turkish.

Methods and Materials of the Roadmapping Workshops

Impressions from the UNaLab city roadmapping workshops

In the joint roadmapping workshop UNaLab cities shared their experiences

Learning Material