The aim of this step is to set the ambitions for the follower cities on climate and water resilience and nature-based solutions. An ambition expresses what a city wants to achieve in the future. For this purpose the ambitions of the participating cities on climate and water resilience in general and nature based solutions in particular are defined and refined in a process of co-creation with local stakeholders in the individual cities. By involving local stakeholders — both internal stakeholders from relevant departments in the municipality and external stakeholders from relevant companies, organisations and knowledge institutes — the commitment is build for the ambition and future implementation plans.


The Approach

The strategic ambitions for climate resilience in general and for nature based solutions in particular are assessed in a series of workshops in each of the partner cities. The Ambition Workshops consists of 3-day visits of TU/e experts to the follower cities, during which several workshops with policy-makers and stakeholders are held to gain a deep understanding of the ambitions and specific contexts of the cities. Through the networks in the cities the local stakeholders (companies, citizens, public and private organisations and knowledge institutes) are invited to participate in the workshops. Together, the participants interactively contribute to the strategic ambitions, see also the pictures of the workshops. The result of the Ambition Workshop is a set of strategic ambitions for each follower city, reported in similar formats to enable cross learning between the cities.

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Ambition Setting Approach

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