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Prague is the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic and also the 14th largest city in the European Union. The City of Prague has a population of around 1.27 million people. Another 300,000-400,000 people commute to Prague every day for work, studies, treatment or tourism. Prague concentrates approximately 12% of the Czech population and the territory of the city generates approximately a quarter of the national gross domestic product. About 80% of the total workforce in Prague is employed in the tertiary economic sector, which generates 80% of added value. Major universities and a number of research institutes (2/3 of public research institutions) are to be found in Prague, as well as the majority of businesses active in research and development. 

The city is facing numerous climate and water related urban challenges, such as densification, biodiversity loss, flooding and pollution. The primary concerns in Prague are stormwater management and urban air quality, which the city aims to address by implementing nature-based solutions to enhance the number of and extend existing green spaces and improve water filtration.

Prague's vision for 2050 is to have a high-quality green infrastructure, which is interconnected and provides multiple ecosystem services. Water bodies will be used for both recreation and sustainable water management. Through a smart combination of technology and nature-based solutions, the city is flexible to adapt to the climate and changing circumstances. Smart planning and design are applied at all levels, to adapt to local circumstances and to allow flexibility over time.

City of Prague

Ambitions, Vision & System Analysis

Ambitions of Prague for 2050

Watch follower city Prague present the ambitions for the city on climate and water resilience and nature-based solutions for 2050.

Presenter: Monika Uhlenbruch, IPR Prague

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The Follower Cities’ Journey Towards an NBS Roadmap

The UNaLab project’s five European follower cities are currently working on developing their roadmaps for nature-based solutions, which will support the cities in achieving their sustainable urban development and resilience goals. This roadmapping process consists of a series of three workshops in which the follower cities, together with local stakeholders, will co-create their own NBS roadmaps.

Prague Hosts Week of UNaLab Workshops for a Resilient Prague in 2050

Last August, Prague hosted a week of inspiring workshops as part of the European funded Urban Nature Labs project (UNaLab). Prague is a “Follower City” under this multi-year project, which aims to employ nature-based solutions to enhance the city’s climate resilience by using a “co-creation process”.

Buddy Meeting Between Eindhoven and Prague

The so-called “Buddy System” has been developed within the UNaLab project as a set of tools and activities to transfer knowledge and results about nature-based solutions from the front-runner cities to the follower cities. As part of the buddy activities organised between the cities, front-runner city Eindhoven and follower city Prague organised a buddy meeting in Prague in May.

Two follower cities’ reflections on UNaLab

The first years of the UNaLab project have been filled with activities for the follower cities, with the series of local workshops connected to the roadmapping process being the most important part. The cities of Stavanger and Prague have reflected on their respective journeys so far in the project, and share their expectations and plans for the next half of the project.

Roadmaps for climate resilient futures

Five of the UNaLab follower cities have completed their roadmaps towards a climate and water resilient future through nature-based solutions. For this process, different sets of inspiration cards on relevant NBS, value creation, governance actions, financing options, and co-creation tools were developed to support the planning process with available scientific knowledge. These cards are now available for anybody to use who wants to spark their NBS discussions with some new ideas.

Nature-based solutions projects and citizens engagement in Prague

The UNaLab project activities and results have proven greatly valuable for follower city Prague, and the project's roadmapping activity has paved the way for new nature-based solutions projects and provided inspiration for local citizen engagement activities.

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