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Natural areas increase the attractiveness of Vuores

According to the results of a survey sent to the residents of Vuores, the stormwater parks, the Koukkujärvi nature trail and the community horse park have increased the quality of living in the Vuores area. On average, the natural areas were considered visually pleasing and easily accessible, making Vuores a unique and attractive residential area.

Innovation vouchers to encourage citizens’ NBS initiatives in Tampere

The City of Tampere launched in spring 2019 a call for small-scale nature-based solutions (NBS) projects by housing cooperatives and associations in the Vuores area to be financed by the city. This initiative was an attempt by the city to encourage local stakeholders and citizens to take the initiative to plan and implement small-scale NBS. Three proposals were awarded innovation vouchers to plan and realise the suggested NBS projects.

The call for papers is open for the DLLD 2020

The call for submissions for the very first Digital Living Lab Days is open. The deadline for submissions is 10 June. Accepted contributions will be presented at the Digital Living Lab Days in the first week of September 2020.

The effectiveness of NBS to reduce pluvial flooding risks in Eindhoven

Like many other cities, Eindhoven suffered from urban expansion that was not accompanied by adequate upgrades to sewer and storm water networks. This has led to an increase in urban flooding, consequential property and infrastructure damage and associated costs. To counter this, the Eindhoven municipality has developed various near future and future adaptation measures that foresee the implementation of certain NBS to reduce pluvial flooding.

NBS performance monitoring in the front-runner cities

Year 2019 marked the advancement and near finalisation of NBS planning and construction in the UNaLab front-runner cities. During the latter half of 2019, the cities have been working with the project’s technical partners to identify a suite of relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) that will provide essential information about the performance and impact of the NBS being implemented.

Two follower cities’ reflections on UNaLab

The first years of the UNaLab project have been filled with activities for the follower cities, with the series of local workshops connected to the roadmapping process being the most important part. The cities of Stavanger and Prague have reflected on their respective journeys so far in the project, and share their expectations and plans for the next half of the project.