Living Labbers Webinar #1: Urban Living Lab Framework

Speaker: Abdoulrasoul Habibipour (Botnia Living Lab)

Botnia Living Lab presents the Urban Living Lab framework and provides an introduction to the Living Labbers webinar series, which will be running between 2019-2020.

Living Labbers Webinar #2: Living Labs for Public Administration

Speakers: Genoud Patrick, Larraz Christopher & Barclay Alexander (Genève Lab)

In this webinar, Genève Lab share their experiences with Living Labs for public administration. Genève Lab’s main goal is to help improve public administration services by involving local stakeholders, including citizens, SMEs and academic institutions in digital innovation projects. With this work, Genève Lab contributes to regional dynamics that promote sustainable development of civil society, the economy and the environment in Geneva. 

Living Labbers Webinar #3: Living Labs for Improving Air Quality

Speaker: Agnieszka Wlodarczyk (Krakow Technology Park)

Krakow Technology Park is one of the key actors in the co-creation and implementation of the Regional Innovation Strategy and in the promotion of smart specialisation and user-driven innovation approaches in the region. It was established in 1997 as a joint initiative by city authorities, the Malopolska regional authorities, and Krakow’s three largest universities. In this webinar, KTP talks about their experiences with Living Labs for improving air quality in their city.

Living Labbers Webinar #4: Drop-outs in Living Lab Field Tests

Speaker: Adolrasoul Habibipour (Botnia Living Lab)

One of the biggest challenges Living Labs face are drop-outs of participants. It is difficult to keep people interested in attending multiple workshops. In this webinar, Adolrasoul Habibipour presents his award-winning research on this topic and talks about different ways to keep people engaged.

Living Labbers Webinar #5: Living Labs as a Service

Speaker: Dimitri Schuurman (imec Living Lab)

imec.livinglabs is a test and experimentation platform in Flanders, Belgium, that performs Living Lab research for achieving business and policy goals based on real-life testing and stakeholder co-creation and co-design. It offers innovators a test user panel of over 16,000 'mee-makers', a dedicated Living Lab back office platform, business model expertise and application prototyping experts. In this webinar, Dimitri talks about Living Labs as a service, sharing his insights on how to support business innovation through assumption-based testing.

Living Labbers Webinar #6: Example of Basaksehir Living Lab

Speaker: Ömer Onur (Basaksehir Living Lab)

Basaksehir Living Lab has aimed to increase the life standard of the local society, the quality of Basaksehir district of Istanbul, and consciousness of urbanisation by means of taking into consideration desires of the local citizen and society by a set of high and standardised innovative services for the local public as well as private organisations. Basaksehir Municipality, in accordance to these purposes regarding applying the quality, provide unconditioned customer satisfaction, education and control to all of its citizen and employees, by continuously improving and applying development facilities. One of the near future objectives is also to replicate similar Living Labs to other cities around Turkey.