As a cross-sectoral concept, the successful implementation of NBS in urban space builds on a combined effort of different actors both inside and outside the municipal organisations, emphasising the importance of understanding the factors that will support or inhibit the effective coordination of these actors. The UNaLab Municipal Governance Guidelines explores a range of governance-related barriers inhibiting the effective integration of NBS in cities, and highlights a range of actions that can be taken to help overcome these barriers. It builds on knowledge developed around governance of NBS through the work in the UNaLab Front Runner cities, Eindhoven (NL), Tampere (FI) and Genova (IT) and other good practices relating to supportive governance structures and processes for NBS in cities. Explore the identified barriers and proposed areas of action to help overcome these below.

Governance Barriers

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In the UNaLab Consortium Webinars Series our researchers and cities gave insights into governance issues and actions. Click below to watch the recording.


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