Organisation and Structure

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Organisation and Structure

In light of the “siloed” nature of municipalities, with the respective municipal departments developing their own organisational dynamics, the cross-sectoral concept of NBS presents a challenge for cities in terms of the necessity to get multiple actors on board to develop an effective coalition to support NBS uptake.

On the other hand, the concept presents a great opportunity to support and foster better cross-departmental cooperation as a longer-term organisational project. Like “sustainability” or “smart cities”, NBS as a concept presents a potential tool to help break down silos between municipal departments as it can represent a common project and vision that multiple departments and actors can work towards. Thus, the cross-sectoral nature of the topic should be seen as an opportunity, as well as a challenge. Every city has its own unique organisational and institutional structure. For this reason, it is difficult to define clear and generic guidelines for establishing effective organisational development.

All three UNaLab Front-Runner Cities approached this challenge in very different ways. However, the identified actions highlight some of the central principles that will help cities improve their organisational structure in regard to NBS.