Green Wall

A green wall consists of a vine that can climb a structure on its own. The plants should be planted on the bottom of the wall and will grow towards the top of the structure. The main purpose of this is landscape mitigation, air quality improvement, increased biodiversity and local noise reduction. 


The vines are attached to walls using metal rings and wires. Young branches should be wrapped in elastic to guide their growth in the first few years. 

Green wall, Gavoglio

Potential for replication and upscaling


Given the scarcity of territory, using vertical walls to establish plants and climbing greenery can be a valid alternative. The green walls can also be used to cover the retaining walls made of reinforced concrete that characterise many urban and suburban areas.

Challenges Tackled
Challenges Tackled
Air pollution
Air quality
Biodiversity loss
Biodiversity enhancement
Green space management
Green space management
Climate driven health issues
Health and well-being
Place regeneration
Place regeneration