Gavoglio area, Genova
Tue, 25/05/2021

Park Gavoglio in Genova: making room for nature

Following the completion of the design phase and co-creation process in 2019, works for the implementation of a new public park on the site of the former Gavoglio barracks have begun!

The site presented several challenges due to its topography, urban setting and former function. After the challenging transportation of necessary machines to crush demolition debris on Genova’s narrow streets, the recovery procedures required the removal of a 1 metre deep soil layer. The pandemic forced the project to slow down, and finally in May 2020 demolitions began. During these operations, asbestos was detected in old window frames and an unexploded device was found under the foundations of one of the buildings, requiring some additional recovery actions.

Last autumn demolitions restarted, paving the way towards the next building phases of the park. The cleared open spaces revealed the outstanding potential of the area to renew and bring nature to the dense Lagaccio district. At the same time, preliminary works for reshaping the underground pipeline of the creeks started. As nature slowly woke up in early spring 2021, some important structural interventions secured the slopes on site and prepared the ground for the essential connections from the park to the surrounding neighbourhood.


The works have begun under Via Ventotene: the large portion of the crumbling wall suspended above the arch has been demolished and consolidated. The next step will be to cover the landslide surface with a rockfall net, then the reconstruction of half buttress will be carried out under the part of the arch that still exists. The structure of the drivable ramp to via Sobrero was completed, including the parapet towards construction site B. Work has begun in the garden of M. Mazza school for tracing the foundation poles of the lift walkway. The remodelling of the upper part of the Cinque Santi valley has been completed - here the bottom layer of the infiltration basin was laid.

At the moment, the works are progressing. In particular, the works related to the infiltration basin are 90% complete (Gabbiodren® draining system was placed under the infiltration basin), while the works around to the wooden piling for the reinforcement of the hilly slopes are in preparation. The works to mitigate the hydraulic risk of the Lagaccio river are about to resume after a stoppage of about nine months.

Amid unexpected challenges, works are proceeding to deliver this new multifunctional green space to local citizens. As expectations are growing in the neighbourhood, the local association Casa Gavoglio is building new ties with stakeholders to promote the area and facilitate the integration of the new park into the vibrant life of Genova.

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