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Buddies Workshop #6: Tips for effective video presentations

The 6th UNaLab Buddy System workshop was dedicated to the creation of effective promotional videos. The following tips and examples may be of interest to other cities working on videos to promote their projects.

Pollinator-friendly nature-based solutions in Tampere

The progressive extinction of pollinator insect is one of the most dangerous environmental threats. Learn how UNaLab front-runner city Tampere through their implemented nature-based solutions is supporting pollinators and their imperative role in our ecosystem.

UNaLab Buddies Webinar #5: Financing NBS

The 5th UNaLab Buddy System webinar was dedicated to the topic of financing nature-based solutions (NBS). Many interesting ideas, experinces and initiatives were presented, followed by a fruitful exchange and debate between the participants and speakers.

Buddies Workshop #5: Round-table discussion with city experts

During the 5th UNaLab Buddy System workshop, the front-runner and follower cities discussed some topics which have emerged during the course of the project, with valuable insights from their local experts.

Co-creating nature-based solutions: barriers to adoption in the city of Eindhoven

In October last year, the Eindhoven University of Technology and Eindhoven Municipality arranged a workshop to identify barriers to the adoption of an urban living lab concept for the implementation of nature-based solutions (NBS). The aim for this workshop was to find specific issues which keep those actors from collaborating with each other.

The Gavoglio park in Genova inspires the use of nature-based solutions for another park in the city

The works in the Gavoglio park have started and in the coming months the first nature-based solutions foreseen by the UNaLab project will be built. The experience gained thanks to the UNaLab project in the use of NBS has also led to another important result: NBS have been included among the requirements for the design of a new urban park for the city of Genova, which will be located in the areas affected by the collapse of the Morandi motorway bridge.