Video making
Mon, 21/06/2021

Buddies Workshop #6: Tips for effective video presentations

The 6th UNaLab Buddy System workshop was dedicated to the creation of effective promotional videos. The following tips and examples may be of interest to other cities working on videos to promote their projects.


Eleonora Gambucci and Sara Botto from RINA shared some practical suggestions on how to produce an in-house video (e.g. software, royalty-free websites for music and images). Further, they shared some sample videos that have been produced by RINA:

  • video presentation of a RINA lab (video clips + texts)
  • video presentation of RINA Virtual Asset (interview, images and video clips)


Andrea Balestrini, Roberta Filippini and Virginia Sellari from LAND presented some inspirational videos on landscape and NBS projects.

  • Wunderkammer at LAND studio, Milan (by LAND)Exhibition on LAND’s landscape projects in the last 30 years.
  • Water-based city, Biennale Pisa (by LAND). Narrative about water resilience in cities comparing Milan, Genova and Essen (presented at Pisa Biennale in 2019).
  • Adaptive design (by LAND)Adaptive strategy developed by LAND in response to the pandemic recovery.

If you are interested in learning more about the workshop, feel free to get in touch!