Financing NBS
Mon, 01/03/2021

UNaLab Buddies Webinar #5: Financing NBS

  • Mon, 01/03/2021

The 5th UNaLab Buddy System webinar was dedicated to the topic of financing nature-based solutions (NBS). It was a public event and included three main contributions:


Cost-benefit analysis of NBS scenarios in three NAIAD case studies, Philippe le Coent, Environmental economist (BRGM).

Presentation of a methodology for the economic assessment of NBS scenarios developed and applied in the NAIAD project to three case studies:

  • Rotterdam (NL): neighborhood scale
  • Montpellier (FR) – Lez catchment: urban Green Infrastructure scenarios
  • Brague (FR) – Brague catchment: river restoration

Sustainable Asset Valuation (SAVi) – Nature-based infrastructure economic valuation of ecosystem services on two natural assets:

  • the Maristanis Wetlands in Sardinia (Italy)
  • the Saloum Delta in Senegal

Oshani Perera, Director, Sustainable Infrastructure (IISD) & Georg Pallaske, Nature-based infrastructure expert (IISD).

Presentation of the SAVi simulation service to identify the opportunities and the full range of risks that affect the performance of the asset across its life cycle in all investments, especially natural infrastructure assets. The service was demonstrated through two practical case studies: the Maristanis Wetlands in Sardinia (Italy) and the Saloum Delta in Senegal.

Financial framework for water security – all life cycle financing approach with focus on the Washington DC case study (NAIAD), Camilo Benitez, Researcher, Public-Private Partnerships (Deltares) & Monica A. Altamirano, Program Manager Finance for Adaptive Planning (Deltares).

Presentation of business models – all life cycle financing approach with focus on practical case studies (Washington D.C., USA) and maintenance (NAIAD project).

During the webinar, different topics were addressed thanks to the fruitful exchange of questions and answers between the participants and the speakers. The main points of discussion were:

  • the analysis of impacts of NBS to reduce the hazards;
  • the use of the results of the analysis by decision makers;
  • the co-benefits recognised in the methodologies applied to the case studies;
  • the assessment of ecosystem services;
  • suggestions for the municipalities in the framework of financing NBS.

You can find the Deltares presentation here, and an overview of the three experiences shared in the webinar in this video.

If you are interested in learning more about the webinar, feel free to get in touch!