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Prague City Hall is the local and regional government authority for Prague. The City of Prague has a population of around 1.27 million people. Another 300,000-400,000 people commute to Prague every day for work, studies, treatment or tourism. Prague concentrates approximately 12% of the Czech population and the territory of the city generates approximately a quarter of the national gross domestic product. About 80% of the total workforce in Prague is employed in the tertiary economic sector, which generates 80% of added value. Major universities and a number of research institutes (2/3 of public research institutions) are to be found in Prague, as well as the majority of businesses active in research and development. Prague is the recipient of 33% of the total national expenditure in research and development.

The Prague City Hall is a signatory to the Mayors Adapt, an initiative of the European Commission’s Directorate General for Climate Action, launched in the context of the EU Adaptation Strategy, and is implemented within the Covenant of Mayors. Twinning city in this initiative is Munich. Prague is preparing the adaptation strategy to climate change and the UNaLab project helps with quality preparation for the concrete implementation plan based on real implementation know-how of lighthouse cities.

UNaLab Team Members

Meet the UNaLab Team Members from Prague City Hall

Michal Pospisil

Michal Pospíšil
Work Package 6 - Planning for Effective Up-Scaling and Replication
Tereza Líbová

Tereza Líbová
Work Package 6 - Planning for Effective Up-Scaling and Replication

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Prague Hosts Week of UNaLab Workshops for a Resilient Prague in 2050

Last August, Prague hosted a week of inspiring workshops as part of the European funded Urban Nature Labs project (UNaLab). Prague is a “Follower City” under this multi-year project, which aims to employ nature-based solutions to enhance the city’s climate resilience by using a “co-creation process”.

Buddy Meeting Between Eindhoven and Prague

The so-called “Buddy System” has been developed within the UNaLab project as a set of tools and activities to transfer knowledge and results about nature-based solutions from the front-runner cities to the follower cities. As part of the buddy activities organised between the cities, front-runner city Eindhoven and follower city Prague organised a buddy meeting in Prague in May.

Nature-based solutions projects and citizens engagement in Prague

The UNaLab project activities and results have proven greatly valuable for follower city Prague, and the project's roadmapping activity has paved the way for new nature-based solutions projects and provided inspiration for local citizen engagement activities.

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