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The Castellón City Council is a public body that represents a municipality of almost 200,000 inhabitants. Castellón is engaged in the important European objective of reducing energy dependence by introducing efficiency criteria, while maintaining the quality of life and future opportunities in the city. In the last years, Castellón City Council has committed to the transition towards a low carbon economy, through participating in several activities aimed to reduce the CO2 emissions of the municipality. The municipality aims to be a living lab of new and innovative technologies, and to promote any activity directed towards achieving the low carbon economy objectives.

Castellón is working hard to reduce its energy bills and to create a liveable city. The municipality is focusing its efforts on promoting systemic changes in the organisation of buildings, energy networks and transport, and demonstrating the importance of the engagement of all relevant stakeholders in these processes, along with the ongoing involvement of citizens. The City Council has a low carbon reduction commitment, focused on reducing the energy consumption in buildings, adapting their energy networks to integrate renewable energy production, developing urban energy storage systems and promoting more sustainable low-carbon transport systems.

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Luis Gargori Reverter

Luis Gargori Reverter
Work Package 6 - Planning for Effective Up-Scaling and Replication

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Exploring Future NBS for the City of Castellón

In the beginning of March, a delegation from the Eindhoven University of Technology visited Castellón to prepare a workshop, which will take place in November jointly with Espaitec and the City Council of Castellón, with the idea to create a framework for the implementation of innovative nature-based solutions in UNaLab follower city Castellón through co-creation workshops.

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