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Cannes is a city of 75,000 inhabitants located in the south of France on the French Riviera. The economic environment of the city is based on tourism, business fairs, trade and aviation. 

Cannes is a city which is particularly exposed to natural hazards, such as flooding due to overflowing rivers, urban runoff and coastal flooding, but also to forest fires, withdrawal/swelling clay and landslides. These risks are numerous and occur quite frequently. In a large urban development context, nature-based solutions are considered the best solution to prevent the devastating effects of these risks and they allow the city to become more resilient. Integrated storm-water management solutions and community rooftop gardens are some of the key elements of Canne's current strategy to improve urban living.

In 2050, the vision of Cannes is to be a green city full of gardens and connected green areas where people can walk, cycle and enjoy outdoor activities. Nature-based solutions, such as permeable surfaces and green roofs, would be implemented in public areas and buildings and serve as natural means to maintain the beaches and the agricultural areas. Water management in Cannes will encourage a completely self-sufficient and circular system.

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Ambitions of Cannes for 2050

Watch follower city Cannes present the ambitions for the city on climate and water resilience and nature-based solutions for 2050.

Presenter: Thomas Onzon, City of Cannes

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