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An important building block of long-term planning approaches begins with the development of a collective vision. Cities will struggle to define precisely how the city will be in the distant future, but the process of actively and collectively defining what the city should become can support as an effective “guiding star” for urban actors to work towards.

Potential Elements
  • Visions at different levels (whole city, local) around different themes (e.g. sustainability, NBS etc.)
  • Integration of a wide variety of key stakeholders
  • Linking to goals and milestones
  • Visual representation of the vision
UNaLab Stories: Visions for a Climate Resilient City

The UNaLab approach to NBS development emphasises the importance of co-creation of visions of a climate resilient future. Stavanger, Prague, Başakşehir, Castellon, Cannes and Buenos Aires have all developed ambitions and a vision for a climate resilient city for 2050 through workshops with various key city stakeholders. In future workshop rounds, these cities will each develop a roadmap planning the journey and clear actions toward the desired vision. Further information, along with the tools and knowledge required for cities do develop their own roadmaps, will be available in the Replication Framework which will be publicly available at the end of the project.