Call for Papers Open for the 2nd International Conference on Water, Megacities and Global Change
Wed, 04/12/2019

Call for Papers Open for the 2nd International Conference on Water, Megacities and Global Change

The 2nd International Conference on “Water, Megacities and Global Change” (EauMega 2020), will take place between 1-4 December 2020 at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, to bring together scientists, operators, policy makers and civil society to address water security and global challenges in Megacities.

The Water, Megacities and Global Change conference will illustrate how the research community and the operational world benefit through collaboration. In addition to experts and scientists, it will include civil society representatives and elected officials to highlight the importance of the sound policy-making. Youth will be given a voice to share their perspective on all topics covered by the conference, and artists will be invited to illustrate the symbolic and aesthetic dimensions of water management issues in megacities and their impact on global change.

The call for papers is currently open. The conference will focus on two main thematic areas, in which communications should be focused: challenges and solutions. The first thematic axis will analyse the determinant issues to be addressed to maintain and strengthen the often precarious balance of these mega urban systems, especially in the context of the accelerating global change, whereas the second axis will address the types of solutions (means, methods, tools) that can be implemented to support water management in megacities.

Find more information about the topics in the attached document.


  • Expressions of interests in the form of short abstracts must be submitted by 31 January 2020.
  • Full papers must be submitted for evaluation and review by 31 July 2020.
  • Finalized papers must be submitted by 30 September 2020.

Visit the website of the conference here.