The Urban Living Lab Playground

The Urban Living Lab Playground game is a spontaneous outcome of UNaLab. As the project and the co-creation activities moved on, we realised that the fundamentals of Urban Living Labs and their role in a city affected by a climate related challenge were not fully understood. This is why we decided to design a game, to share the cornerstones of the Urban Living Lab activities - how it functions; who are the staff members working there; what co-creation tools can be used to engage citizens, etc.

Ultimately, participants will learn how an Urban Living Lab functions and how it can bring in city stakeholders together to fight a given climate challenge. The gamified approach aids creative thinking and helps challenge solvers to look at the problem from a different perspective/with a fresh set of eyes. By bringing together a diverse mix of participants, the game helps to break down barriers of communication through a storytelling approach.

The game facilitates learning of different elements in an Urban Living Lab , through specific cards.

The Urban Living Lab Playground

The Cards

Benefit Cards

To explore the economic, social, environmental, governance, and health & well-being benefits of the nature-based solutions.

Urban Living Lab Staff Role Cards

To learn about the different roles and skills in an Urban Living Lab.

Tools Cards

To learn about different kind of engagement tools and how to apply them throughout your innovation journey.

Stakeholder Cards

To learn about the usual and unusual actors affected by the urban challenge and those who are involved in the urban innovation process.

Emotion Cards

To place empathy as a central role in the human-centered approach adopted throughout the process.


By playing the game the participants learn:

1. What an Urban Living Lab is and how it functions in a simulated real-life environment.

2. How a city can employ an Urban Living Lab to connect with the quadruple helix stakeholders, including citizens.

3. Wide range of co-creation tools and methods that can be used to work together with the citizens.

4. How co-creation works when addressing complex urban challenges and developing nature-based solutions.

5. How the gamified approach can facilitate shared understanding and storytelling.

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