A value-based framework

What is it for?

The NBS Value Model aims to shed light on the often abstract value chain and associated beneficiary constellation of nature-based solutions. It evaluates different benefit types and explores their value capture potential. Building on this created knowledge the model aims to identify potential alternative governance constellations and financing mechanisms for NBS. It is meant for urban planners and stakeholders interested in learning how to involve different beneficiaries in the implementation and financing of a certain NBS project.


How to use it?

The logic of the value model encourages you to consider the following steps when planning an NBS project:
1)  Select and prioritize urban challenges you want to tackle
2)  Select the NBS that is most interesting for the set of challenges
3)  Get information on the NBS functions and performance and evaluate it in the frame of local preconditions
4)  Identify local beneficiaries and potential stakeholders to involve (who benefits from these functions and why?)
5)  Estimate their willingness to invest (time, money, resources)
6)  Based on the resulting beneficiary constellation consider alternative and suitable financing options

Value Model Logic

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