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UBATEC S.A. is a unit of a technological association and transfer formed by the University of Buenos Aires, the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, the Argentine Industrial Union (Unión Industrial Argentina), and the General Confederation of Industry (Confederación General de la Industria). It was founded in 1991, inspired by the concept of the “Triángulo de Sábato” (Sábato’s Triangle), a triad in which the university, the government and the productive sector interact in promoting innovation, thus contributing to the economic and social development of the country. UBATEC provides services for technological innovation management, technology transfer, technical assistance, program and project management, third-party fund administration, project assessment for the productive and private sectors, reports drafting, and consultancy for public - and, sometimes, multilateral - national and international bodies.

UBATEC’s most frequent activities are:

· Analysis, diagnosis, and proposals for solutions to problems in the productive sector.

· Assistance and support in management processes of innovation and technology transfer.

· Technical assistance for national and international bodies, both public and private.

· Production of innovation projects for companies and institutions, and presentation before science and technology funding bodies.

· Investment projects evaluation at national and international levels. · Follow-up, management control, and administration of national and international research funds.

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