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Ramboll Gruppen A/S is a leading engineering, design and consultancy company with 13,000 experts worldwide. Ramboll operates across the markets: Buildings, Transport, Planning & Urban Design, Water, Environment & Health, Energy, Oil & Gas and Management Consulting. Ramboll has helped develop some of the largest cities in the world – including London, Berlin, Singapore and Beijing. A global team of Ramboll experts provides services to the City of San Francisco through a framework contract for strategic planning, sustainable planning and resiliency planning. Also, we have long-term partnerships with the largest Nordic cities and have played a key role in making them into world-leading sustainable and liveable cities, as evidenced by the Green City Index (which has Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm as the top three cities).

Ramboll Finland Oy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the global Ramboll Gruppen A/S. In Finland, Ramboll’s water experts address global water and climate challenges by working across the water cycle from water resources and supply, processing and treatment, to sewerage and discharge. Working with municipalities, utilities, and industrial clients we draw on multidisciplinary expertise to create innovative, sustainable and liveable solutions for our customers and society. Our customers include water and wastewater utilities, governments, local and regional authorities, developers and construction companies, as well as industrial companies and international political and financial institutions such as the European Commission, the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank. One of Ramboll Finland’s biggest offices is located in Tampere where we cooperate closely with the city of Tampere.

UNaLab Team Members

Meet the UNaLab Team Members from Ramboll

Henri Lahtinen

Henri Lahtinen
Work Package 5 - Climate & Water Resilient Urban Living Labs
Marjo Valtanen

Marjo Valtanen
Work Package 5 - Climate & Water Resilient Urban Living Labs

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Co-creating Nature-based Solutions in Front-runner City Tampere

Tampere has two UNaLab demonstration areas, or Urban Living Labs: Vuores and Hiedanranta. Spring 2018 was an intense co-creation period in the Living Labs: a series of three (Visioning – Ideating – Testing) Design Thinking workshops were organised in each area, resulting in a total of six workshops, which attracted altogether 258 participants.

Children’s Urban Nature Lab in Vuores

In April, a children’s urban nature lab was organised in Vuores, inviting children from day care centres, preschools and primary schools to participate in the development of nature-based systems in Vuores. The children learned about the role of basins and wetlands in water purification, the plants and animals found in the area and environmental research.

How do people use and perceive green spaces and how has COVID-19 changed the situation?

The results of the UNaLab survey on urban green spaces showed that the majority of urban residents surveyed prefer to use green and blue spaces and may change their walking or cycling route to spend time in green and blue spaces when they are not in a rush.

Buzzing results of the pollinator monitoring in Tampere

Citizens in Tampere have been able to participate in the city’s pollinator monitoring, which has taken place in the three UNaLab demonstration areas for nature-based solutions, through the iNaturalist mobile application. In the summers of 2020 and 2021, a total of 145 observations were registered on the application, representing 74 different species.

Tampere’s green wall: the northernmost of its kind

The City of Tampere has recently finished the first construction phase of the novel green wall that is located on an old wastewater treatment plant in the Viinikanlahti district. The green wall is the first of its kind to be constructed this far up north, and the city will study its performance in the harsh Finnish climate to enable the replication of this nature-based solution on other public and private buildings in the city.

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