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OpenRemote is an open source project, started in 2009, with the ambition to overcome the challenges of integration between many different protocols and solutions available for home automation, and offer automation and visualisation tools. Since then, the challenge has only become bigger and expanded beyond home automation into several other application domains, specifically related to ‘smart cities’.  OpenRemote is the tradename of InnoHub in the Netherlands.

OpenRemote Inc. was created, to enable the sponsorship of the OpenRemote open source project – in the vein of JBoss. We developed a complete IoT middleware software stack, and follow a Professional Open Source methodology. It means that top contributors usually end up participating in the company, first as contributors, then as consultant as business develops, then as full time employees and owners. 

One of the key activity areas of OpenRemote is Smart Cities. Whether it is asset management, crowd management, wayfinding, water managment, or adapting lighting, OpenRemote can assist in implementing complete middleware solutions and take responsibility for both implementation as well as servicing and hosting of open source solutions (both on premise or cloud hosting).

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Pierre Kil

Pierre Kil
Work Package 5 - Climate & Water Resilient Urban Living Labs

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