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The Fraunhofer-Society is Europe’s largest organisation for applied research. The research efforts are geared entirely to people’s needs: health, security, communication, energy and the environment. With 85 research institutes around the world mainly focusing on engineering sciences and natural sciences, the Fraunhofer-Society works very closely with industry and cities, developing the technologies for a sustainable future.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO), located in Stuttgart, focuses on technology management and systemic integration of business models, technologies, people’s behaviour and regulatory frameworks. The activities of the Fraunhofer IAO focus on investigation of current topics in the field of technology management. A holistic approach is applied to the study of commercial success, employees' interests and social consequences. The Institute helps organisations identify the technologies of relevance to them, and draws up a technology strategy aligned to the competitive environment and the market.

UNaLab Team Members

Meet the UNaLab Team Members from Fraunhofer

Sophie Mok

Sophie Mok
Work Package 6 - Planning for Effective Up-Scaling and Replication
Tom Hawxwell

Tom Hawxwell
Work Package 6 - Planning for Effective Up-Scaling and Replication
Ernesta Maciulyte

Ernesta Maciulyte
Work Package 6 - Planning for Effective Up-Scaling and Replication

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Prague Hosts Week of UNaLab Workshops for a Resilient Prague in 2050

Last August, Prague hosted a week of inspiring workshops as part of the European funded Urban Nature Labs project (UNaLab). Prague is a “Follower City” under this multi-year project, which aims to employ nature-based solutions to enhance the city’s climate resilience by using a “co-creation process”.

The Perspective of a Follower City – Creating a Roadmap for Stavanger 2050

The Roadmapping process kicked off in December 2017 for follower city Stavanger when researchers from the Technical University of Eindhoven came to Stavanger to conduct a series of workshops resulting in the overall ambition for sustainable urban development and climate change adaptation through NBS: Stavanger 2050-Urban resilience through nature and knowledge.

Municipal governance for nature-based solutions

This executive summary of the UNaLab municipal governance guidelines provides an overview of the guidelines, touching on the key findings and takeaways from the report.

Public procurement of nature-based solutions

This report provides an overview of the major challenges facing NBS procurers in the EU, along with case studies of success in addressing those barriers across nine European cities, including the three UNaLab front-runner cities. 

Using Nature-Based Solutions to Create more Climate-resilient, Green and Livable Mediterranean Cities

Authored by Marielisa Padilla, Sophie Mok & Brenda Vaccari Paz. Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Urban Planning, Regional Development and Inion Society, September 2020.

Valuing the Invaluable(?)—A Framework to Facilitate Stakeholder Engagement in the Planning of Nature-Based Solutions

Authored by Sophie Mok, Ernesta Mačiulytė, Pieter Hein Bult & Tom Hawxwell. Published in Sustainability in March 2021.

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