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N33 Moss wall

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Climate Resilience Water Management Natural and Climate Hazards Biodiversity Enhancement Air Quality Health and Well-being Social Justice and Social Cohesion

Mosses can actively remove some pollutants, have a large bio-active surface and high transpiration rate. Constructed moss walls use these natural capacities of mosses to reduce air pollution and local air temperature. Some moss walls are constructed with technological additions, for example, ventilators that strengthen airflow through the installation, thereby the increasing air filtering capacity. There are many open-air test sites to examine the effectiveness of the variety of moss walls available on the market.

Conditions for Implementation
  • Space need for loading and unloading
  • The installation surface needs to be flat
Similar Terminology
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    Cooling Service Transpiration
    Building (Insulation)
    Reflection (Albedo)
    Surface Water Regulation Water Conveyance
    Water Infiltration
    Water Retention
    Water Storage
    Water Reuse
    Water Purification Water Filtering
    Water Bio-remediation
    Air Purification and Noise Reduction Deposition
    Air Biofiltration
    Noise Reduction
    Biodiversity Habitat Provision
    Socio-Cultural Services Beauty / Appearance
    Usability / Functionality
    Social Interaction
    Provisioning Service Food / Energy / Material
    Climate Regulation CO2 Sequestration