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N24 Living Fascine

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Living fascines are used for the stabilization of hills and riverbanks. They primarily consist of bundles of living wood that with time develop above ground vegetative growth and below ground root systems, contributing to additional soil protection. In this way, the implementation of living fascines, rather than their ‘hard’ engineering counterparts, also creates new habitat and provides better structural connectivity of natural habitats, thereby supporting biodiversity.

Conditions for Implementation
  • Appropriate construction timing (e.g. low water flow, no rainfall, appropriate season for vegetation development)
Similar Terminology
Live fascine
    Cooling Service Transpiration
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    Reflection (Albedo)
    Surface Water Regulation Water Conveyance
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    Water Retention
    Water Storage
    Water Reuse
    Water Purification Water Filtering
    Water Bio-remediation
    Air Purification and Noise Reduction Deposition
    Air Biofiltration
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    Biodiversity Habitat Provision
    Socio-Cultural Services Beauty / Appearance
    Usability / Functionality
    Social Interaction
    Provisioning Service Food / Energy / Material
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