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N16 Infiltration Basin

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Climate Resilience Water Management Natural and Climate Hazards Biodiversity Enhancement Air Quality Health and Well-being Social Justice and Social Cohesion

Infiltration basins are flat, vegetated areas that are usually dry. After heavy rainfall, water fills up the basin and soaks into the ground. Infiltration basins are usually built with the additional goal to recharge the water table, which differentiates them from retention basins in general. While often planted with grass, additional vegetation types can be integrated into infiltration basins, creating habitats for wildlife thereby supporting biodiversity and improving aesthetic appeal.

Conditions for Implementation
  • Local precipitation intensity and soil conditions (e.g. permeability and infiltration capacity) need to be considered
  • Should not be connected directly to aquifers
  • Available space
  • Trampling and activities that could lead to soil compaction should be avoided
Similar Terminology
Infiltration planter
Infiltration pond
Recharge basin
    Cooling Service Transpiration
    Building (Insulation)
    Reflection (Albedo)
    Surface Water Regulation Water Conveyance
    Water Infiltration
    Water Retention
    Water Storage
    Water Reuse
    Water Purification Water Filtering
    Water Bio-remediation
    Air Purification and Noise Reduction Deposition
    Air Biofiltration
    Noise Reduction
    Biodiversity Habitat Provision
    Socio-Cultural Services Beauty / Appearance
    Usability / Functionality
    Social Interaction
    Provisioning Service Food / Energy / Material
    Climate Regulation CO2 Sequestration