Green City Tool
Thu, 31/10/2019

Self-assess with the Green City Tool

  • Thu, 31/10/2019

Following the recent closure of applications for the European Green Capital and European Green Leaf awards, the European Commission is celebrating World Cities Day by highlighting its Green City Tool. Working as both as a means of benchmarking and self-assessment, the tool allows cities to commit and communicate their efforts to becoming greener and more sustainable cities. With a focus on sustainable urban planning, the tool emphasies on city governence and approach, rather than quantititve measures. 

Cities can complete the self-assessment anonymously or they can register to put themselves on the Green City map to showcase their sustainability efforts. One of the benefits of registering is that it allows a city to compare and contrast with other cities, including Green Leaf and European Green capital winners. The assessments consist of yes/no questions and are categorised by topic, from air and waste to noise, mobility and more. 

To learn more about the tool, try out the assessment anoymously or register to put your city on the Green City map, please follow this link