Call for Papers
Mon, 10/09/2018

Call for Papers on Nature-based Solutions for Urban Global Climate Change Adaptation

The UNaLab team members Peter Roebeling, Teresa Fidelis, Anna Ståhlbröst and Laura Wendling are guest editing a special issue of the Open Access journal Resources on the topic “Nature-based Solutions for Urban Global Climate Change Adaptation”. They now invite papers that address one or more of the following issues:

i) multiple impacts, costs, (co-)benefits and economic viability of NBS across spatial, temporal and social scales;

ii) effective co-creation processes that enable the visioning, design and implementation of NBS through engagement and participation of stakeholders throughout the different stages of co-creation;

iii) particular spatial and water planning systems that enable the integration or fostering of NBS;

iv) legal frameworks and institutional settings that constrain or enable the institutionalization, establishment and management of NBS.

The deadline for manuscript submissions is 30 September 2019