OpenLivingLab Days
Sun, 19/06/2022

OpenLivingLab Days

  • Sun, 19/06/2022

The European Network of Living Labs is organising ‘OpenLivingLab Days (OLLD)’, the annual global gathering of Living Labs.

The event will take place in Turin on 20 – 23 September and will offer a space for policy makers, companies, entrepreneurs, academics, Living Lab representatives and innovators to explore, connect and work together. 

Living labs are strong instruments that support cities and regions in their transition towards a resilient and sustainable future based on open and inclusive innovation. They represent a key element in empowering citizens to co-create their cities and regions while enhancing their ecosystems through emerging technologies.  

This year conference will focus on five thematic areas that are strongly linked with the Living Lab world: Society, Governance, Green&Sustainable, Transformation, Beyond the city.

You can learn more here.