Buddy Workshop
Fri, 06/05/2022

Buddies Workshop #4

  • Fri, 06/05/2022

The fourth UNaLab workshop took place on 26 November in Castellòn. It was organised in two different sessions: the first part was dedicated to round-table discussions between two groups of cities and the second part was a discussion between the cities and Engineering about a tool to facilitate the sharing of ideas, questions and solutions between the cities.

In the first part, the cities were divided into two groups based on their interests:

Table a) Mediterranean climate issues (Castellòn, Basaksehir and Cannes);

Table b) Monitoring of NBS effects (Eindhoven, Tampere, Prague).

Here you can find the workshop material: a document that presents the Mediterranean climate issues and a summary of the related discussion; a summary of the monitoring of the NBS effects discussion and a presentation related to the discussion on a tool to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between the cities.