Castellón de la Plana is the capital city of the province of Castellón in Spain, with almost 200.000 inhabitants. The city functions as an economic and social nerve center for the whole province. The economy of Castellón is historically based on the citrus fruits agriculture and the ceramics industry. Both of them are still outstanding in the city’s social structure, at present through economic sectors like services and tourism.

The municipality is focusing its efforts on promoting systemic changes in the organisation of buildings, energy networks and transport, and showing the importance of the engagement of all relevant stakeholders in these processes, along with the on-going involvement of citizens. The municipality aims to be a living lab of new and innovative technologies, and promote any activity to achieve the low carbon economy objectives.

The city of Castellón is tackling several climate and water related challenges, such as water scarcity, heat stress, pollution and densification. The city's vision for 2050 is to have a green city with a high quality living environment for everyone. Green corridors will connect the different parts of the city, which will provide shaded places to walk and cycle. The city will also make the best possible use of their water and natural resources. The wetlands will be transformed and a blue/green infrastructure is realised and contributes to environment through a circular economy.

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