What is the Buddy System?

The UNaLab Buddy System is a method to share experiences and knowledge between the project’s front-runner and follower cities. The aim is to maximise learning with time by organising focused activities and using a common workspace accessible to all the cities, which functions as a repository for material and information.

The Buddy activities consist of two different approaches: 1) Webinars on topics of interest to all cities, with the participation of experts as speakers; and 2) Interactive workshops during the project’s face-to-face meetings.

The Buddy System creates connections between the cities through their participation in the organised activities. The webinars help to deepen their knowledge on nature-based solution (NBS) related topics thanks to the contribution of internal and external experts, whereas the workshops enhance the collaboration and discussions between them. The common workspace offers a great opportunity to share news, documents and data, and to engage in online discussions.


  • Expert contributions and insights on various NBS related topics;
  • Regular exchange of information between the cities;
  • Optimises mutual learning;
  • Increases interaction between the cities.


  • Facilitated communication between the UNaLab front-runner and follower cities;
  • Larger common pool of knowledge has been acquired within the project;
  • Enhanced collaboration between the cities.


Contributing to the common pool of knowledge on NBS

The UNaLab project has aimed to also open up some of the project’s Buddy activities to a wider public of NBS enthusiasts in order to further enhance the common pool of knowledge and information dissemination on nature-based solutions. 

On this page, outcomes and material from the public activities will be gathered to spread the knowledge and resources further within the NBS community.

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