Sara Botto

In the city of Stavanger there is a combined business and industrial area with an existing canal system: the Forus canal, made out of concrete. The canal was made both to drain a very flat and wet land area and to improve the storm water management. As part of a plan to revitalize the area, with the aim of create recreational zones and increase biodiversity, the municipality is looking at renaturing sections of the concrete canal.  The Municipality of Stavanger used the Buddy System to ask for examples of successful channel renaturation projects as references to support the progre
Here you can find the video presentation, divided into three parts, of the GreenPass® software, an innovative planning, evaluation and certification tool for climate - resilient planning architecture. This contribution was planned to be presented by Berhard Scharf and Florian Kraus from Green4Cities, during the #3 Buddies Webinar, but due to technical and timing problems they couldn't share their experience directly with us. Hope you could find it interesting and inspiratonal!
The third UNALAB webinar took place on 6th February 2018. It was dedicated to the management of urban growth and densification, with focus on Urban heat islands (UHI) with the involvement of UNALAB cities, internal and external experts.  All the successful contributions introduced NBS that could help making cities more resilient and reducing the energy demand and consumptions, through demonstration cases, good experiences, best practices and technical overview tailored to the cities main interests and requests. Here you can find the complete webinar presentation wit

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 730052 Topic: SCC-2-2016-2017: Smart Cities and Communities Nature based solutions