The City of Tampere has awarded three innovation vouchers for citizens to undertake small-scale NBS projects. Two of the vouchers will be used to develop garden areas near residential housing whilst the third voucher will fund the creation of a horse park. The garden areas funded by NBS innovation vouchers will have planter boxes, fruit trees and berry bushes, as well as areas to compost gardening waste and structures to harvest rain water for garden irrigation. Residents also plan to have areas for resting and playing; tables, chairs and an updated sandbox for children are planned. Re
The City of Tampere is a front-runner city in UNaLab, where nature-based solutions (NBS) for climate change driven problems are co-created, demonstrated, monitored and replicated. In UNaLab, Tampere focuses on 1) Adopting and further developing innovative nature based stormwater management, 2) Monitoring performance in boreal/artic climate conditions, 3) Developing the city’s administrative processes, and 4) Finding business models for the implementation of the NBS in the future. Tampere has two UNaLab demonstration areas, or Urban Living Labs: Vuores and Hiedanranta. Vuores is a construc
Storm water runoff has been found to be a major source of pollution in natural water systems. Many urban streams and lakes are burdened by the nutrients and solids contained in low-quality storm water runoff. Intermittently high levels of faecal bacteria in the water of urban streams can for example prevent the use of the water in the irrigation of allotments. Climate change and increasingly densely built cities are bound to exacerbate the problem. The City of Tampere is therefore acting and investigating biofiltration as a way of improving the quality of urban runoff. Tampere has previous exp
The City of Tampere in Finland is one of the three front-runner cities in the UNaLab project. In the Nordic conditions in Tampere, climate change is expected to result in higher temperatures and increased rainfall, especially during winter time. Subsequently, the city’s focus in the UNaLab project is on stormwater management. Tampere’s targets in the project include: 1) Adopting and further developing innovative, nature-based stormwater management for floods and pollution; 2) Monitoring the performance of nature-based solutions; 3) Developing the city’s administrative processes; and 4) F
In April, a children’s urban nature lab was organised in Vuores, inviting children from day care centres, preschools and primary schools to participate in the development of nature-based systems in Vuores. The children learned about the role of basins and wetlands in water purification, the plants and animals found in the area and environmental research. The presentation by the storm water experts was followed by workshops in the classrooms on the theme “the storm water system of my dreams”. The lab was part of the Urban Nature Labs (UNaLab) project. The aim of UNaLab is to develop na
The EU funded Urban Nature Lab project develops the nature-based solutions of Vuores and Hiedanranta in the spirit of “living labs”. During the project, residents will act as researchers alongside professionals, testing the new innovations in their everyday lives. A series of three workshops is organised in Vuores and Hiedanranta during the spring 2018. The workshops involve visioning, ideating and implementing/testing nature-based solutions for the case areas. Nature-based solutions have many important tasks: they provide recreation, retains and purifies storm water, clean the air and off

Maarit Särkilahti

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 730052 Topic: SCC-2-2016-2017: Smart Cities and Communities Nature based solutions