WP2 focuses on Living Labs and co-creation, in particular development of methods and tools that the cities can use and implement. This WP provides input and co-develops content with and for WP5 and WP6. 


In February we have submitted a deliverable D2.1 on ULL Framework (task T2.2). The deliverable is uploaded on the VTT page.

The aim of the deliverable is to present a scientific UNaLab Living Lab framework to be used by UNaLab front-runner cities. This framework is based on theories and practises for Living Labs, Action Design Research, methods for co-creation and data from workshops with the front-runner cities. Included in the framework is also the planning of the ULL training programme which will be performed in T2.4 and implemented in ULLs in WP5. Based on the theories, this deliverable provides insights into methods and approaches for ULL activities, taking its starting point in the research approaches for ULLs. Thereafter, a section supporting the definition of ULL and all its components and approaches are presented and included in this is also templates and guidelines supporting the process on setting up and running a ULL. Thereafter, the results from a workshop carried out in the UNaLab project with both front-runner cities and follower cities are presented. This is followed by a description of the plan for ULL training program including a timeplan for that process. 

Current Activities: 

Co-creation workshops in Tampere, Genova and Eindhoven. As part of the T2.1 front-runner cities are conducting co-creation workshops with the citizens. 

Genova - EASW methodology (European Awareness Scenario Workshop)
19 Feb EASW training
23 March Vision Creation
28 March Idea Generation
6 April Implementation measures

Tampere - Design Thinking Methodology - workshops on two locations of the city
12 March Vuores
13 March Hiedaranta
09 April Vuores
24 April Hiedaranta
11 April Hiedaranta
20 May Vuores

Eindhoven - Design Thinking Methodology
10 April
24 April
17 May or/and 12 June

Urban Living Lab Training in Tampere, Genova and Eindhoven

Genova: 17 April 2018
Eindhoven: 25 April 2018
Tampere: 15 May 2018

Partners involved in the training: ENoLL, ENoLL external expert, LTU

General content of the trainings:
Urban Living Lab framework, Creating a vision & a mission for your ULL, End-user engagement, stakeholder management plan.

The trainings have been tailor-made based on the needs of the FRCs. 

Toolkit preparation: Call for Action

As part of the T2.3, ENoLL with the help of the partners is preparing a toolkit that includes tools which can be used in different stages or steps in co-design and co-creation of urban innovations. Structure of toolkit has been prepared and the toolkit is now in the review and testing phase. We are gathering additional information from all partners --> CALL FOR ACTION: if anyone has not been contacted yet and has developed or will develop tools should contact spela.zalokar@enoll.org. 

Open Living Lab Days 2018

I would like to invite all cities to attend the Learning Lab day held on 21 August in Geneva, Switzerland. This training day will be dedicated to those who are developing a Living Lab. The workshop will give the cities further insight in how to establish a Living Lab, how to run it, governance models and sustainability of a Living Lab. 

Workshop participants will receive training and gain insights in the following topics:

What is a Living Lab? (Scientific foundation, Key components, Key Principles and Key Stakeholders, Types of Living Labs, Value of Living Labs, including short workshops/tasks)
How to start and sustain a Living Lab (Budget, management, financing, competence)
Methods and tools in a Living Lab (practical examples)

Website of the event: https://openlivinglabdays.com/ 

Publication Type: 
Internal Newsletter

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 730052 Topic: SCC-2-2016-2017: Smart Cities and Communities Nature based solutions